Unless you are utilising a third-party ad server, please send all raw creative files directly to your advertising account manager.


  • Ad sizes must match the formats booked, down to the pixel
  • Deadlines: Deadlines for submitting creatives can be viewed here
  • Clickthrough URLs: Please ensure that the linking URL is live.
  • Clickthrough URLs: Linking URLs should not exceed 200 characters after the “https://”
  • Clickthrough URLs: All ads must click into a new browser window.
  • HTML5: Ensure the HTML5 ad packages conform to MessageSpace ad server HTML5 standards
  • HTTPS/SSL: MessageSpace sites utilise the HTTPS protocol. Please ensure all tags supplied are secure.
  • Source Files: All creatives, including the source files (.html, .psd, etc) AND all font files (Windows versions), must be delivered to MessageSpace at least 1 whole working day prior to a campaign’s launch.
  • The final output creative file should be no larger than 500KB.
  • Flash Ads: We no longer accept text ads (text links) or Flash (.swf) creatives
  • Sponsored Post: Sponsored post / native advertorial specs and requirements
  • Photosensitive Effects: Adherence to guidelines on photosensitive effects
  • White Creative: All white and light-coloured creative must have a dark one-pixel border.
  • Browser compliance: We target all rich media ads to all versions of Chrome, IE and Firefox unless otherwise instructed. We target gif ads to all browsers unless otherwise instructed.
  • Sound: All sound must be user click activated
  • Misleading Ads: We will not carry any form of advertising that is deemed to be misleading or confusing to our users.
  • Technical Contact: For all rich media campaigns we need the name of a technical contact at your end.

More information on deadlines for supplying creative assets can be found on our Booking and Artwork Deadlines page.

We can also design your ads for you if you supply text, logos and a stylesheet (where needed). Your sales contact will be able to guide you through what to do and what to supply. There is a small charge for this service which your contact can discuss with you. 

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