Even/regular distribution
MessageSpace ad campaigns are usually spread to deliver evenly across each day between two dates. For example, a campaign serving a million ads over a two week period would deliver just over 71 thousand ad impressions every day. 1 million / 14 days = 71,428 ads per day.

Accelerated/ASAP distribution
Advertisers can also request that ads be delivered to the target audience as fast as possible. Takeover campaigns work on a similar principle, except in the case of takeovers you are guaranteed all available ad impressions for a specific period of time. We recommend combining accelerated distribution campaigns with specific frequency caps, that limit the number of times a specific advert creative (or the entire campaign) is shown to an audience. A frequency cap of 4 per 24 hours translates to the same ad not shown to a user more than four times within a 24 hour window.

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