Publisher earnings vary depending on a wide variety of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Network supply and demand (i.e., your audience, and the advertising campaigns that match your user base)
  • Device type (desktop advertisers tend to pay out more than mobile, although more network traffic is mobile)
  • Creative type (display, content, video, third-party)
  • Source of traffic (national vs international traffic -- UK traffic earns much higher payouts)

As you would expect, the more impressions and clicks your property generates, the more money you earn.

Your fill rate may change over time as our network is constantly evolving. Many factors like the demographics of your user base, their geography and advertiser demand can shift and impact the number of ads that could run on your website.

Our payments are CPM-based per thousand impressions. It is still important to get clicks because we traffic our highest earning ads towards the sites with the highest Click Through Rates (CTR). Your site will earn more revenue with a higher CTR.

Payments and Statements

We email a statement at the end of every calendar month for the previous calendar month, and payment is sent to your bank account on the last working day of the month. 

Accounts are settled on a rolling two months in arrears basis. Balances below £100 remain on account.

The total balance figure in the publisher statement is calculated as the sum of unpaid earnings (money earned in the previous months), and excludes revenue earned that month.

For example, revenue amounts in February are calculated and finalised in mid-March. You will then be sent a publisher statement at the end of March, and you will receive payment for that balance before the end of April.

 We generate self-billing VAT invoices for VAT-registered publishers.

Your total balance may change if any credit or debit adjustments are applied to your account.

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