We frequently work with brands and organisations to craft original, custom content that integrates directly into the editorial flow of our sites. 

We find that the best sponsored posts are usually:
no more than 250-350 words,
include images / logos and embeddable video,
include a strong call to action (i.e, link to your website, research, or publication)
and are written to reflect the overall tone & style of the website.

Examples of sponsored posts that have performed well include:

Centre for Policy Studies on Guido Fawkes
National Union of Teachers on ConservativeHome
Campaign for Fairer Gambling on ConservativeHome
Campaign for Fairer Gambling on Guido Fawkes
Heathrow Airport on ConservativeHome
Heathrow Hub on LibDemVoice

ConservativeHome posts also require a 100x100 pixel image (preferably the author's headshot photo) as a homepage thumbnail, and also an image or video for article itself. 

All sponsored posts on the MessageSpace network require a disclosure statement.

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